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Farm Insurance

We will help you protect your most valuable asset: your farm! The farmowners policy is designed for those who own acreage and engage in some degree of farming or own livestock. This is a package policy offering property coverage for your farmhouse and its contents, your livestock, machinery, plus personal liability protection. Help us design the right coverage for your needs at the right price!

Renters/Tenant Insurance

If you are farming on a rented property, we can provide property protection for your owned equipment and livestock, plus personal liability protection. Just because you do not own the farm doesn't mean you have less to lose or a lower probability of loss. Protect yourself and your property with the right farm tenant insurance protection.

Farm Workers Compensation Insurance

State law requires Worker's Compensation (WC) coverage for all your employees. Whether part-time or full-time, employees are covered on the job for work-related injuries and lost time from work. WC rates are affected by:

  • Job classification
  • Total payroll for each job class
  • Experience

Commercial Auto Insurance

Most farmers use pickup trucks in their daily operations. Sometimes, those pickups can be covered under a personal auto policy. However, if the farmer owns larger vehicles or specialized trucks (cattle trucks, grain haulers, etc.), we can insure those vehicles on a farm commercial auto policy. Commercial auto rates, in part, are affected by:

  • Size of the vehicle
  • Operating radius
  • Driver and his/her record