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Fire Company Insurance

Fire companies are an integral part of our community. Volunteers put their lives on the line to keep us safe and Fire Companies need insurance just like we do to ensure the safety of their firefighters and their equipment. We offer insurance products encompassing volunteers and property owned by the Fire Company.

Accident & Health Insurance

Protect your volunteers of your Emergency Service Organization (ESO) with supplemental benefits every member deserves. What happens to your member or volunteer who gets hurt on a call while protecting and saving the life and property of others? Does he/she have health insurance coverage? Does he/she have adequate disability insurance if the injury is long-term, or even permanent? Does he/she have adequate life insurance to protect his/her family?

Make sure you have a comprehensive package of benefits available to meet their needs. Our special carrier has been insuring ESO's since 1928, and today offers a wide range of innovative member benefits. Help us to help you protect and provide for your organization's most important and valuable asset - your members!

Property Insurance

While you are out protecting and saving others' properties, be sure your buildings and belongings are adequately insured. Check your policy for building amount, type of coverage, deductible, and policy period. Call us with a copy of the information to compare and offer alternatives for coverage.